I am attending camp.  I haven’t been to camp since Girl Scouts (many, many, many moons ago).

This camp is different.  I get to stay at home.  I do NOT get feasted on by mosquitos.  I do not have to worry about burning my marshmallows in the fire (ewwww…).  I can take a shower! (yes, this is of utmost importance to me.)

The camp is Camp Loopy.  It is hosted by The Loopy Ewe, an online and brick & mortar store in Fort Collins, CO.  This is a three-part challenge for three months, one challenge per month.  This year’s camp is themed around the Olympics.  For the CL project #1, campers were to pick a pattern of their choice by someone who lives in/born in a country other than the one the camper lives in and that 400 yards of yarn were to be used.  I picked Color Affection as my pattern, a shawl that uses three different colors of yarn in three different ways.  It was a big project for me to finish in one month, but I decided that I needed to do it with everything that I have been through this year-I needed to do something for just me!

It looks a bit like an octopus here because of how I layed it out.  There are three distinct sections-first is the navy blue section, then the navy blue and cream section and finally the navy blue, cream and light blue.  The light blue also makes up the edge of the shawl.  I am happy with how it turned out even though I am not happy with how my left thumb hurts now.  However, I must carry on…project #2 has started already and I am behind!

Challenge #2 is to pick any pattern of your choice, use 800 yards of yarn but in a color of your country’s flag.  I had a tough time with this since I’d already used blue and white in my first project.  I did not want to use them again.  I’m picky about red.  I like “real” red (fire engine red) or more of a burgundy red.  I didn’t have any of those colors in my stash.  I searched the available inventory at The Loopy Ewe (one day I will visit in person!) and found something I could work with.  I found “real” red but it also had yellow, orange and green with it.  Is that okay?  Yes, because it just has to be a variation of that color or in that particular color family.  WHEW!  The pattern I chose is CLAPOTIS (pronounced cla-po-TEA; yes, it’s French!)  It’s another scarf/wrap/shawl which will come in handy in the Fall and Winter.

Well, I’m off to get started…Au revoir!


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